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Tips on How to Control Diabetes Easily

tips to control diabetesHow to Control Diabetes Easily

With the increasing work pressure people are facing a lot of problems these days regarding health and one of the most concerning diseases from which people are suffering the most is the diabetes. It is measured as the sugar level in the blood. There is a certain sugar level in the blood that is okay for us, but in case the sugar level increases or decreases, then the problem starts to happen. Increment of sugar level is the cause of diabetes. Maintaining the sugar level is very tough, but proper care and some important diabetes tips can prove to be the perfect answer to how to control diabetes.

Controlling Food habit:

You need to understand that, it is not all about dieting, it’s about eating right. A proper diet can give you a healthy life and with that you can easily control your diabetes as well. But for that you need to know what kind of diet can be helpful for your health.

  • Portion sizes and Carbohydrate counting:carbohydrates play an important role control diabetes dietin type 2 diabetes and in case you take insulin, you need to know how much carbohydrate are you consuming to make sure the dose is correct for you. Portion size is the proportion of your food that you eat. A proper proportion of food is always helpful to count the carbohydrate properly and maintain it to the
  • Take a well balanced meal and medications:You need to plan your meal so that the proportions of vitamin, fat, protein, carbohydrate are correct. You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, which have low carbohydrate and high dietary fiber in order to keep your sugar level stable. As per as medication is concerned, talk to your physician and make a proper chart for the medication to take and maintain that chart well with the meal that you consume.
  • Avoid beverages having sweets:You need to avoid beverages which have added sugar. This will have a higher amount of calories that can cause harm to your sugar level. In case your sugar level is under control, you can consume the beverages to a limit.

A proper diabetes diet plan is important for success.


Exercise can be very much helpful to reduce not only fat, but also to reduce the sugar level in your blood as well.

  • Get a good exercise plan: Contact a specialist to plan a series of exercises or to choose some of the best for you. You need to spend at least 30 mins per day for exercise.
  • Make a schedule: a schedule will make sure that you do your exercises daily and on time. Also talk to your doctor about the number of times you can the exercises per day.
  • Regular checkup: Check your diabetes to stay up to date about the improvement and also drink a lot of water to make sure you are hydrated enough while you exercise.


Medication cannot be a permanent solution to control your diabetes. So you need to make sure that you take medications only after you consult with your doctor. And also make sure you do not take the pills or insulin out of the limit. Because even an overdose of medication can cause problems for the patients of diabetes.

So, stay fit, follow a few steps properly and get the best solution to your question how to manage diabetes.